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The transformation of LED display dealers in 2018

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In 2017, the LED display market is surging, and the whole industry is in the context of rapid transformation. Dealers have also become hot spots in the industry this year. Undoubtedly, in the new market, dealers must accelerate the pace of transformation to cope with industry changes. , facing new markets and challenges.

The traditional value of dealers gradually disappears
We must clearly understand that the past value of dealers is disappearing. At present, with the tremendous changes in the market environment, the business value, logistics value and capital value of dealers in the traditional sense of the future are undergoing major changes:
In general, dealers have logistics value for manufacturers, but with the rapid development of logistics industry, the logistics value of dealers is gradually decreasing, but the current LED display screen has been stored in addition to logistics;
Secondly, the dealers still have the capital value for the manufacturers. Generally speaking, the business model between the manufacturers and the dealers is the first payment by the dealers and the post-shipment of the manufacturers. The manufacturers have long occupied a large amount of funds from the dealers for their own development. Because of the current capital market environment, manufacturers can have more channels to achieve financing, and in the future it can be predicted that this value will eventually disappear;
Finally, regarding the business value, at present, in the new environment, the mode and method of the dealer's business needs to be converted as soon as possible. Otherwise, this value will disappear.

But will the dealers disappear? The answer is definitely not, but the transformation is the trend of the times, then the dealers have to think about a few questions: how to find their own living space in the face of the trend of diversification of channels? What value can I provide in the interaction with other channels?

Repositioning from "dealer" to "service provider"
So how should LED display dealers transform in the new environment? In the future, the value of dealers is how to create value for users, because dealers are in contact with users, channels are just sales channels, channels themselves will not create value, only brands and services can create value.
The upstream company finds you and hopes to better reflect the brand value through your bridge. If you can't create user value, you must be eliminated. In the future, the chain from the manufacturer to the consumer is constantly shortening, because only the shorter the chain efficiency will be higher. Of course, it doesn't mean that it's all direct sales. The middle chain will still exist, but the nature changes.
If the company needs an open value chain, then the dealer must find its place in this value chain and be accepted by other chain points before it can share the benefits it deserves. Otherwise, it will be eliminated. .
Then the future dealers will be transformed into service providers, which is the only way for dealers to become a service platform in the future. In the future, the profit of the dealer will no longer be the profit of the product, but the service of the product. This sentence is correct, but the problem to be understood is: What value do you want to create in this value chain? Since it is a service provider, you must use the service to exchange value with the user, but the service needs cost, and the value of the creation is clear and not vague. With your current resources, capabilities and mentality, are you ready? ?
All in all, the dealers will not disappear, but many dealers will disappear now, because the market has changed, and many current dealers have not adapted to the development of the market. In the future, it may not be called a dealer to do this business. All in all, in the midst of the market storm, the party that can prepare for the rainy day and adjust the direction in time to conform to the market trend is the winner.





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