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LED display market speeds up the pace of entering the "human screen interaction" era

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In 2017, the overall scale of China's LED industry was 636.8 billion yuan, up 21% year-on-year. The upstream chips grew rapidly, the midstream package developed steadily, and the downstream applications maintained rapid growth. GGII expects that the compound growth rate of China's LED industry output value will reach 18% in 2018-2020. In 2020, China's LED output value will exceed 1 trillion.
The birth of computers has always been one of the greatest inventions in the modern history of mankind. It has successfully replaced the functions of some human brains, especially in recent years, with the new breakthroughs and developments in the field of technology, computers have once again "threatened" human life. The concept of intelligence has become more and more skilled and widely used in various fields of production and life. This is the inevitable result of the progress of the times, and it is also an area that deserves to be extended to a deeper level. Intelligentization is also the trend of modern human civilization development, and the LED display industry has gradually integrated this element, and more intelligent technology has been realized, so that the LED display that is already dull and dull in people's image is also full. Smart and vital.

Intelligent technology development, good environment, good fertile soil, growth
Although China's LED display market has been approaching saturation at present, with the development of new LED display products and the continuous breakthrough of new demand market and application environment, some of the leading enterprises in the industry will give the domestic LED display industry. Bring more unexpected new opportunities. What is more worth mentioning is that in recent years, with the injection of new concepts such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, and smart cities, the interoperability technology has provided a huge impetus for the development of all walks of life, in the subtle It affects people's working style and thinking habits, and also promotes the innovation of development strategies in all walks of life.
Especially in the first two years, LED display intelligent technology has been poured into the products by the industry. It is reported that the industry leader Enterprise Liard 2016 LED intelligent display, has already won the first place in the global market share. In the first half of 2017, Liard LED small-distance TV operating income of 682 million, distribution model operating income of 102 million, has reached the 2016 annual quota. As of August 18, the small-spacing order for the newly signed distribution model in 2017 was 169 million yuan, an increase of 173% over the same period last year. Among them, the intelligent display segment achieved revenue of 1.623 billion yuan! In addition, Abbyson exhibited "smart" products during the 2017 Shanghai exhibition. Ai Bison marketing director Lu Wenbing also said that intelligent It will be another outlet for the development of LED displays. It is understood that the intelligent products of Ai Bison's Shangxian retail series are currently performing very well in the market.

Breaking down the field, "Being a leader", the brick screen is eye-catching in intelligent interaction.
This is a contest of the human-dominated concept of "no one". Today, the concept of intelligence can be said to be everywhere in every corner of our lives. Escalators, unmanned supermarkets, smart fingerprint unlocking, driverless cars, and our smart phones are all like us, and intelligence will become more and more popular to facilitate our daily lives. From the perspective of development, the intelligence of the LED display industry is also the trend of the times. In the field of interaction, the most prominent performance is the LED floor screen. Although it is currently a subdivision, it is very eye-catching on the stage. With the pursuit of the ultimate effect of stage dance beauty, LED floor tiles came into being, and with the continuous improvement of technology, the effect of LED floor tiles is clearer and the colors are more beautiful.
In particular, the addition of intelligent interactive technology, intimate interaction with the dancers on the stage, the audience is like an immersive, the picture is beautiful and lifelike. Dancers can also be more involved in the performance, and often create a spatial effect that is integrated with the performance. The most amazing appearance, it can be said that in the CCTV Spring Evening in 2009, after successfully using LED floor tiles to create a stunning national visual feast, LED floor tiles were almost absent from various large stage performances. Nowadays, there is also the blessing of holographic interactive projection technology. As a kind of virtual reality technology and dynamic capture technology, there is no doubt that there is a broad space for development in the future. It changes not only a form of communication, but also a concept of communication, from the traditional form of cramming to the satisfaction of human experience, through the magical visual effects and wonderful dynamics will spread information and The distance of consumers has been pulled to the nearest. The combination of LED and LED screens brings a certain feast-like experience.

Technology support such as VR/AR speeds up the pace of entering the "human screen interaction" era
The realization of "human screen interaction" in the LED display industry is the ultimate destination for the intelligent development of LED display. And with the extensive establishment of smart cities, relevant data shows that the future demand for urban transportation in China will continue to grow, and it is expected to reach 18.7 billion yuan in 2020. According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the scale of China's artificial intelligence market reached 23.9 billion yuan last year, and it is expected to exceed 38 billion yuan in 2018. The intelligent LED display is the best proof of enhancing user intimacy and operational experience. In fact, the future LED display will also throw away the stereotype image of the cold display terminal. It will be based on infrared sensor technology, touch function, speech recognition, 3D, VR/AR and other technologies to interact with the audience. Smart display carrier.
Intelligent LED display can make more users have more realistic scene experience. When people interact with LED display, it creates a scene with a combination of situations, which makes it easier to put people's emotions and feelings into the display. Throughout the VR market, VR products and LED screens are inseparable. Moreover, from the perspective of the VR industry chain, LED display is the most basic and most important hardware facilities. LED display with better image quality can undoubtedly significantly enhance the user experience of VR products. VR technology will surely become the new protagonist of the next technology era, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for LED displays.





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