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Advantages of outdoor LED glass curtain wall screen in building lighting project

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With the rapid development of outdoor advertising media, LED glass curtain wall screens are also widely used in building lighting projects, and are sought after by the market. The reason is why, what are the advantages of outdoor LED glass curtain wall screen in the building lighting project?
1. The product is transparent around and has high light transmittance.
LED glass curtain wall screen penetration rate reaches 50%-90%, each LED light bar module is made of environmentally friendly materials, transparent around, and does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the back of the screen, very strong Wind resistance, effectively reducing wind loads,
Further reducing the strength and weight of the LED display infrastructure, it is generally installed in the glass curtain wall of the building. Completely broke the limitations of traditional LED display applications on glass.

Second, the product is simple and light

The LED glass curtain wall screen adopts a hollow strip design. Compared with the traditional LED display box, it does not need to fix the cabinet size. Because it uses transparent plexiglass, brushed aluminum shell, it is simple and beautiful, and it uses reinforced composite materials. Strong tensile and compressive strength, extremely rugged and durable, and also reduce the weight of the module. Take the P16 outdoor LED light bar screen, which is more common in the market, as an example. The weight per square meter is about 20 kilograms, which is one-fifth of the weight of the normal LED display box. It is favored by the majority of lighting customers.

Third, modular design, protection and safety
The principle of modular assembling large screen does not require any steel structure to be built. It is easy to maintain: it can be maintained in front and behind, easy to disassemble: single module can complete the disassembly and assembly of large screen, which can be flexibly changed according to customer's glass size. Customized module size for mass production and quick on-site installation.

Fourth, energy saving, environmental protection, constant temperature cooling
The lack of heat dissipation of the traditional LED display can lead to the malfunction of the screen. In the application of the LED display of the glass curtain wall, similar problems can be avoided. Because of its high permeability, no noise, low power consumption, etc., there is no need to assist any heat dissipation equipment. It can make the wind heat the LED curtain wall screen naturally, and also has the characteristics of high weather resistance environment, and can work normally in extremely cold weather such as Russia. At the same time, the power supply, control, etc. are isolated from the illuminating material, and there is no need to provide a heat dissipation system like a conventional LED screen.
LED curtain wall screens are generally installed in decorative glass of banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, commercial buildings, etc., both the practicality of LED display and certain aesthetics. And concealment. LED glass curtain wall screen has a high reputation and influence in the industry. LED glass curtain wall screen belongs to high-end building lighting products and plays an irreplaceable role in LED building lighting project.





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